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Cheers to your forty years of marriage! It’s a remarkable achievement that calls for a grand party. Why not surprise your old man with a remarkable 40th anniversary gift to show how happy you are to have him with you over those four decades?

For this milestone, rubies are the customary gifts of choice. However, you can still think out of the box and give your partner a gift that has nothing to do with rubies but is perfectly in tune with their interests and character or something as personalized gifts to mark the occasion. Regardless of your final decision, your loved one will be overjoyed to receive any of these thoughtful options.

40th wedding anniversary gifts can be found in both the traditional and nontraditional categories, but worry not, we've collected the most stunning pieces for you. From ruby-themed items to personalized gifts for couples, each of them will be a hit at your romantic anniversary dinner.

But first, let’s dive into the 40th anniversary gift theme to gain a clearer insight for your commemoration. In case you want to search for presents for any other occasion, browse our site for the best choices. We have a wide range of Christmas presents, anniversary gifts, and personalized Valentine gifts. Feel free to explore and get inspired!

What Is The 40th Anniversary?

The ruby anniversary is commonly celebrated after 40 years of marriage. While not quite half a century, forty years is still a significant milestone that calls for a party and a token of appreciation.

There are many ways to interpret the ruby theme for a 40th anniversary gift, but the gem itself is a terrific place to start. Rubies and the colour red ruby play a significant role in the festivities. Choose a ruby necklace, pair of cufflinks, or anything with a "ruby" tint, such as a plush throw, eyeglasses, or a sophisticated pen. Treats like chocolate, roses, candles, or a beauty product, which alludes to ruby in some way are still perfect options.

However, the fact is that you certainly don't have to stick to the theme when shopping for the perfect 40th wedding anniversary gifts. There is no such a bad thing to give some personalized gifts like personalized posters or personalized canvas. And after all these years, it only makes sense to reward yourselves with something you can put to good use. A beautiful new coffee maker or bedding sheet set could be precisely what you need to make your mornings and evenings together more enjoyable!

Here are some of our favourite 40th anniversary gift ideas to shop today, whether you're looking to surprise your significant other on your anniversary or need a unique suggestion for a couple you know. Pick the most unique ones and you’re making this milestone much more memorable!

Best 40-Year Anniversary Gifts To Buy This Year

Ruby Anniversary Gifts

The ruby is the conventional symbol for a 40th wedding anniversary. The deep red colour of this stunning gemstone is the appropriate emblem of a passionate love that has endured for four decades.

The traditional 40th anniversary gift might be observed in countless different and interesting ways. Stick to tried-and-true traditions by showering your spouse with timeless ruby jewellery such as rings, necklaces, and earrings. 40th anniversary flowers could be something unique and special, like a bouquet of red roses. Check out the best ruby presents below to surprise your loved one on the upcoming anniversary!

Ruby Earrings

ruby earrings

Given that ruby is the traditional and contemporary 40th anniversary gift, any woman who enjoys wearing jewellery should be able to choose between a pair of ruby earrings and other options. Despite the gem's vivid colour, the earrings are timeless and classic in design. They are so versatile, so your wife may wear them every day or save them for date night.

While ruby rings have stood the test of time, these ruby earrings have won our hearts with their sleek sophistication. If you want to have a 40th anniversary gift for wife that would really demonstrate how much you care, these earrings would be an excellent choice. When compared to other jewellery 40th anniversary gift, ruby earrings are the perfect way to brighten up an outfit without going overboard on ostentation. They are small but sure to be a lovely addition to your partner's jewellery collection if she has a simple, understated style.

Ruby Cufflinks and Studs

ruby cufflinks

In search of the most thoughtful 40th anniversary gift for husband that makes him glow of joy? These fashionable ruby red cufflinks are the perfect accessory for your spouse's formal attire. 

We adore the sleek square form since it can be worn with any outfit and offer a splash of colour. What’s more? This set features a plate in a silvery finish offset by stripes in a vibrant crimson enamel. There is some texture added by subtle etchings, making an already glossy design even more charming. These cufflinks are both understated and stylish thanks to their gunmetal finish and ruby red crystals. The distinctive barrel silhouette stands out from the crowd and complements variousa wide variety of styles.

This elegant 40th anniversary gift is a classy option for the man who appears to have everything. They'll look great on his clothes and serve as a tender reminder of his undying affection.

Ruby-themed Roses

anniversary flowers

Roses, symbolising love and passion, are the perfect 40th wedding anniversary gifts. It's possible that your sweetheart has received several roses over the years, but this Venus Et Fleur bouquet is unlike any other and truly exceptional. You won't have to buy another bouquet of flowers until your next anniversary, because these stunning roses can be kept fresh for up to a year.

There are more than 40 roses in this bouquet. This 40th anniversary gift for wife can be made uniquely by altering the colour, material, and design of the box and the flowers themselves, and then topping it all off with a handwritten note. Sending her these roses is like giving her the gift of happiness that keeps on giving. She’ll feel loved and special every time she sees these stunning flowers. 

Ruby-themed Candle

 ruby candle

Instead of giving him a ruby, which is the traditional 40th anniversary gift, you may prepare something more of theme-alike. An intimate night honouring 40 years of marriage would benefit greatly from the addition of this sensual ruby ceramic jar candle. Set it on the edge of a tub with rose petals and bubbles, and you've got the perfect setting for a romantic anniversary for two.

Sometimes, you’ll need something sweet to reinforce the bond between you and your husband. Though you’re not as young as before, it’s still important to add a touch of warmth and romance to your cosy nest. That’s why we think this anniversary candle will make your anniversary much more memorable.

For a better ambiance and the best 40th anniversary gift for husband, choose a fragrance that both of you love. This ensures a perfect night full of love, happiness, and harmony.

Our Best Alternative Gifts Ideas

Gifts for a couple celebrating 40 years of marriage are not as hard to come by as you would think. When rubies are not your preference, choose a 40th anniversary gift for wife and husband that is based on what you know your significant other will enjoy (or something sentimental that both of you will treasure for a lifetime). You can get ideas by looking at our best picks, and if you find anything you like, you can buy it right away.

Personalized Canvas

 personalized canvas

What would be a perfect present to commemorate 40 years of marriage? A personalized canvas is an excellent option. It's safe to assume that after 40 years together, you have a photo collection of both of you and the entire family. This time, pick a favourite photo of yours and transfer it into a one-of-a-kind 40th anniversary gift for wife or husband.

You can use this printed canvas to remember and relish in wonderful times spent together. The painting can be personalized with your family name, a lovely quote, and a selected image.

Having a nice and heartfelt design, this item is sure to brighten up any space that you hang it on. From your living room to the kitchen to the bedroom, it’ll add a touch of love and sweetness that warms up everyone's heart. Stunning and sentimental as it is, don’t miss this chance to tell your partner and your family how much you love them throughvia this incredible 40th anniversary gift.

Personalized Poster

 personalized posters

Your marriage has marked the milestone of 40 years. Your magnificent home and family are the result of those years of hard work, commitment, love, and laughter. For this 40th anniversary gift, send your spouse some love and care with these stunning personalized posters to let him know he’s done a great job.

This one-of-a-kind present really impressed us with its originality and creativity. It's a great way to show off your affections while also getting in on the playful spirit of the occasion.

Heartfelt 40th wedding anniversary giftslike this poster are ideal for a last-minute present that will still be appreciated. Customize it by including a favourite photo of two of you, names, the wedding year, and a catchy heading. This item will become a sweet piece of home decoration and a sentimental keepsake that your significant other treasures the most.

Phone Docking Station

 phone docking station

Are you on the hunt for a practical 40th anniversary gift for husband? Think of what he truly needs and you might present him with something that he’ll actually use and love. We have a recommendation for you that’ll win your spouse over. This anniversary, gift him with a modern wireless charging station to tidy up his nightstand or desk. It’s a cool way to let him know that you’re always a thoughtful wife in his life.

He’ll no longer worry about losing your docking station or other devices ever again with this convenient organiser. This charging station is constructed from ash wood and features multiple compartments as well as a cutout for a phone charger. Anything from an iPad to a fitness tracker can be stored in one of the many pockets or pouches. Ideal for a bedside table or an end table in front of the sofa.

Silky Sheet Set

 silky sheet set

Having trouble deciding what to buy for a 40th anniversary gift? A set of eucalyptus sheets can help your partner get a restful night's sleep. With luxurious material, this set is soft on the skin and works to keep you at a comfortable temperature as you sleep. For us, the greatest benefit is the luxurious feeling we get from sleeping on these sheets every night.

From now on, the bedroom will become his favourite place since it’s full of your warmth and love. He’ll have more relaxing and romantic nights with you, thanks to this bedding sheet set. There’s nothing better than resting on your own bed with your loved one after a long day at work. Get him or her sone personalized pillows along with this sheet set, and he’ll treasure them both: your precious40th anniversary gift for husband and moments with you using your present.


You've been together for nearly fifty years; now is no time to stop making big romantic gestures. Add some flaming ruby red flair to show your loved one how much you still care. No matter what your partner likes or dislikes, you may find a perfect ruby-themed 40th anniversary gift for them. But more than that, present ideas for a couple commemorating 40 years of marriage range from classic ruby jewellery to contemporary floral arrangements. What's more, if you're celebrating this anniversary with your significant other, you might want to choose a more personal and sentimental gift.

Our ultimate gift guide above has the most terrific 40th anniversary gift that will bring a smile to your loved one’s face. From traditional items to personalized gifts, each piece will be a delight for your milestone.

If you know any couple who are celebrating their anniversaries as well. Have a look at our recommendations for 25-year anniversary gifts30th anniversary gifts50-year anniversary gifts and more. Pick a present from our list and you’re bound to make their day!

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