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Cheers to this amazing occasion: You’ve officially reached the half-a-decade milestone together! It’s time to come up with some thoughtful 5-year anniversary gifts destined to wow your partner on this big day, also known as the wood anniversary.

With half a decade under your belts and a lifetime ahead of you, there are plenty of opportunities to know about your spouse. By knowing inch-by-inch their preferences, you’re ahead of the game to pick the most suitable available or personalized gifts for them. Store-bought items are also often selected as 5-year anniversary gifts for the celebration.

If you know your spouse well enough to know they want to commemorate the anniversary, you may enhance the experience with a pleasant and functional gift, such as a wooden daffodil or a stunning pair of cutlery. We've looked into lovely 5-year anniversary gifts that are sure to please, whether you're buying a special something for your spouse or honouring a close friend's anniversary. From wooden personalized canvasposter to silverware, here are our cherished picks of off-the-rack and personalized gifts for couples

We take into account originality, thoughtfulness, customization, and general quality to give you this awesome list. Let’s find out our top 5-year anniversary gifts below!

What Is The 5-Year Anniversary?

The customary 5-year wedding anniversary gifts are typically made of wood, signifying a solid foundation in your time together. This adaptable material serves as a foundation for a relationship that is expanding and getting stronger by day.

There are a variety of unique and romantic wooden gifts available out there, including cufflinks, necklaces, and tastefully engraved keepsakes honouring the marriage milestone. But don't worry if wooden presents aren't your thing. Silverware, the contemporary component of the milestone, will add a modern touch to your collection. They are getting increasingly common for 5-year anniversary gifts ideas.

Five years of marriage are also symbolized by a flower (the daisy) and several hues (pink, blue, and turquoise). Alternatively, add some colour to your spouse's jewellery collection with sapphire, the stone commemorating five years of marriage and a sign of wisdom and faithfulness.

However, don't feel constrained to use only those suggestions and materials. There are several alternatives we can think of for the most heart-warming 5-year anniversary gifts.

You can even give your partner an unforgettable experience, depending on your undersatnd about the person. Think about creating a collage of your favourite images or a constellation map that shows the sky on the night you first met. Even a spa day or weekend getaway will make your loved one feel seen and valued to remember for years to come.

Below are some ideas for both conventional and contemporary 5-year wedding anniversary gifts as well as some one-of-a-kind, unusual and thoughful personalized ones.

Best 5-Year Anniversary Gifts To Buy This Year

Gift-giving is a fantastic way to honour a couple's fifth wedding anniversary, whether it’s your own partner or another couple’s long-awaited celebration. These mind-blowing gifts are guaranteed to wow you whether you choose to go with 5-year wedding anniversary gift’s traditions, keep with the milestone's contemporary emblem, or go your own way entirely.

We have something for every purpose you have in mind. What are you waiting for? Shop for some gifts now!

Traditional Gifts Ideas: Wood

At first sight, wood might not seem the most romantic material for such a significant occasion. But trust us when we say there are some fantastic solutions available; you just need to be a little creative. Wood is among one of the most durable materials out there. Selecting just the right five-year anniversary gifts made of wood is sure to give you a strong position in the gift-giving game!

Are you prepared to see some of our favorite 5-year anniversary gifts’ suggestions? Let us show you!

Personalized Canvas As 5-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

personalized canvas


Don’t underestimate its seemingly straightforward look. A custom canvas is sure to impress any fan of interior design or lovers of beautiful things. As a 5-year wedding anniversary giftperhaps you or someone you know might need a little love statement painted on their walls.

With a personalized canvas that includes names, phrases, designs, and other unique characteristics, you can now warmly welcome guests into your gorgeous home. What’s even better, you’ll be creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors all year round. To make the rooms more vivid, add lovely photographs of joyful moments that will endure a lifetime. Don't be frightened to show the world your inner lovebirds!

Personalized Poster

personalized canvas

These personalised posters with a person's name or initials engraved on it is currently very trendy. It is a good way to add some distinctive art to your home, whether you buy it for yourself or as presents for loved ones as 5-year anniversary gifts; either way, it is a versatile option. You can customize the canvas by inserting the year when you two started being together and the names of you and your spouse.

Gifting someone a custom poster is a great way to show them how much you love. You need to show that you appreciate those moments as much as they do by spending time searching for the ideal photo.

Most importantly, the names permanently engraved in the artwork will give both of you a touch of warmth whenever you come home. Isn’t that the loveliest thing on earth?

Travellers’ Wall Art

world map wall art

Are you buying gifts for a couple who travels frequently? Do you regularly see their Instagram feeds filled with voyage-inspired pictures? Let us introduce you to the ideal 5-year anniversary gifts for travellers that will definitely surprise them upon receiving!

This substantial wall art, which is made by hand from strong birch plywood, has a rustic globe map that has been laser-etched and sliced. It depicts every country in brown, white, orange colours, and every hue and shade in between. The colour scheme makes it extremely fit for a Bohemian-styled house, and literally any modern interior design!

They can use pins to mark off every location they've visited during the five years of wedlock and travel together. Be prepared when you come back to see the map filled with locations’ pins, it’s amazing their love is also setting sail!

Cute Wooden Daffodil

 cute wooden daffodil

This blossoming in the springtime is a sign of a fresh start and a great way to commemorate your ever-lasting relationship. With this symbolic hand-made wooden daffodil painted in a cheery yellow shade, you can express to your spouse how much you're looking forward to the occasion.

The wooden daffodil will never wilt. We get it that you have a soft spot for ever-lasting things (just like your wedding vows) and this prominent flower is just one of those!

It is definitely among the most romantic 5-year anniversary gifts for your husband or wife. Get one now to express your love in the most romantic way!

Wood City Map Coaster

wooden map coaster

What could be more special than a set of eye-catching coasters bearing the city's grid where you and your spouse first met, wed, or even currently reside? 

If you've been moving around a lot during your relationship, these cedar coasters are wonderful wooden 5-year anniversary gifts for him or her. They have the best of both worlds: Perfectly usable and nicely decorated! Names of the cities are carefully carved into wooden materials. This is a testament to usability: These coasters will certainly outlast the usual wear-and-tear equipment and/or common decoration stuff in your house.

They are also perfect conversation starters in the house. Imagine a friend coming by and asking about the stories behind these coasters. Now you’re ready to tell the tale of your love!

Modern Anniversary Gift Ideas: Silverware

What should you choose for something a little brighter than customary wood materials?

You can shop for a set of useful, silver-made kitchen utensils or some shiny spoons and cutlery. It's okay to put your own spin on things as long as you think the receiver will love it!

Take a look at our 5-year anniversary gifts suggestions down below:

Matching Travel Flatware Set

silver cutlery set

There is nothing more harmonious than this beautifully coordinated gift set! The complete set of silverware is suitable for practically any occasion, whether you're hosting a dinner party indoors or taking the festivities outside.

Trying to find some 5-year anniversary gifts for your significant other or for a pair that shares your passion for the great outdoors? You can get a set consisting of two pieces of portable silverware, coloured pink and blue respectively. Chopsticks, straws, cleaning brushes, reusable knives, forks, and spoons are all included in the matching couple's sets that are available. These sets contain absolutely everything that a pair will require.

They are wonderful additions to a picnic that you have planned to celebrate your anniversary!

Silverware-Inspired Jewellery

silverware-inspired earrings

Seeing jewellery on our list of 5-year anniversary gifts with a silverware theme is probably something you weren't expecting to see at all.

These dangling earrings, which are linked to silver studs and are crafted from recycled silver-plated spoon handles, claim a dominant presence at a couple’s celebration of their fifth wedding anniversary.

These studs are a stunning addition to any outfit, and they also are intriguing as accessories. This sleek, silverware-inspired, elongated design is a modern alternative 5-year anniversary gift to more conventional options.

Get them the 5-year anniversary gifts they cannot forget!

Pop-culture Pendant

silver pendant

This pendant is made of sterling silver, and it features a matching sapphire accent on either side. It is one of the most impressive items you can give as 5-year anniversary giftsBecause it is suitable for both men and women, the accessory is a fantastic gift option for anyone on your list who has a penchant for silver and gemstone jewellery.

Thanks to their self-explanatory and elegant style, the pendants are ideal for everyday use, as well as for formal attire and virtually any other event you can think of! Through the use of this item, your significant other will undoubtedly keep you in their mind, days and nights.

Let's get some glitzy jewellery to commemorate the long-awaited anniversary you two are planning for!

Cute Coffee Spoon

silver coffee spoon

A matching set of silver coffee spoons is an alternatively creative take on the modern-day gifts given to celebrate the fifth year of a marriage. This useful cutlery is adorned with a sentimental inscription that reads "Good morning babe".

Even better, because this is something that you use on a regular basis, anytime you enter the wonderful kitchen, you will be reminded of happy memories (like having coffee together!), such as when you first met. How many 5-year anniversary gifts can make your hearts flutter like this?

A couple that is celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary would be quite fortunate to get this kind of present because of its uniqueness. Also, an extra point for those who are fond of coffee!


No matter what you choose as 5-year anniversary gifts, they should ultimately be memorable. This is true whether you choose to give someone customized, DIY gifts for your boyfriendor ready-made wooden and silver gifts.

Making your partner feel cherished on the big day is really the most important thing you can do, and they'll remember it for a lifetime. Imagine the surprise when she receives your well-thought-out DIY gifts for your girlfriend!

Display your affection in the most unforced way possible, and these 5-year anniversary gifts will be a gift that lasts a lifetime.

We hope this has been a helpful and inspiring read for anyone looking for one year anniversary gifts for your boyfriend2-year anniversary gifts4-year7-year, or even 9-year anniversary giftsNow, it’s time to put your thoughts into selecting the most suitable gifts!

Still looking for the perfect gifts? Be sure to check out our Tips and Shares to shop for every cherished one on your list!

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