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It’s difficult to say goodbye to a friend at work, especially when that’s the one whom you’re close with. You'll always support them, but it's natural that you want to show them how much you care by giving them the best going away gifts for coworkers.

Choosing the right farewell present, especially gifts for women friends is undoubtedly tricky. At this time, your friend might receive a lot of wishes and gifts from other colleagues. Probably the least thrilling goodbye gift ever is the standard "good luck" card. This list, fortunately, is loaded with original and thoughtful going away gifts for coworkers that will be treasured for years to come.

Send your beloved coworker out with a chuckle by decking out their going-away party with hilarious gag presents, and writing them a goodbye message. Or, if you're looking for something more heartfelt, consider some self-care items, office supplies, or some unique personalized gifts to add sweet and sentimental touches. It's nearly certain that any one of these farewell presents would cement your place as the most beloved departing coworker ever.

Before diving into the most charming gift for leaving coworkers, let’s have a look at some gift-giving tips below. These are for ensuring that your gifts will be actually used and appreciated.

Tips to Select the Perfect Going Away Gifts for Coworkers

Understand Your Coworker

It’s crucial that you understand to whom you’re sending going away gifts. Not only does it help you choose a thoughtful present but it also shows that you always care about them.

To be clear, it's helpful to be familiar with their passions, interests, and preferences. For instance, question yourself: What sort of person do they tend to be? Do they tend to be more of an explorer or a homebody? What kind of activities have they taken recently or what are the fashion styles that they into?

If you want it to be more careful and precise, make a list of their passions and defining characteristics. Spend time thinking about as many items as you can for this list. You don't have to prepare all the going away gifts for coworkers from the list, but you might get some neat ideas that when you combine some of them, the recipient will really feel like you cared.

“What if I know nothing about this girl or guy?” If you’re questioning this, get in touch with someone who does know the recipient well if you are responsible for organizing the present but know little about them. Get their advice on what to buy by inquiring about their knowledge and opinions.

Include A Little Bit of Yourself

It’s a sweet gesture that you’ve prepared a farewell present that is unique and thoughtful. Make it personal in a different way - customize from you rather than for them. When you spend your time and effort on these personalized gifts, it becomes much more valuable and meaningful.

If you find that you’re talented at something, go for it. A tree planted by you and a charming bunch of paper flowers will make your bestie beam with joy. How about something artistic, a painting, a knitted scarf, or a song? We’re sure these personalized gifts for best friends will be treasured. Or else, if you’re good at cooking, make them a tasty dessert or bake them a batch of cookies. Your beloved coworker will be so proud and happy.

Going away gifts for coworkers that have all of your love and sincerity will never go outdated. They will be a sweet reminder no matter how far your friends go. Thus, don’t miss the chance to give them something that they’ll remember and cherish forever.

The Best Going-Away Gifts For Coworkers That Show How Sweet You Are

Personalized Mugs

personalized mugs

Share your feelings with your bestie by giving her unique going away gifts for coworker. This item will brighten her day with its adorable definition of what she means to you. Customize this mug with the names of both of you. It’s a lovely gesture to show that she’s an important person in your life, even when she no longer works at the same place as you.

Personalized mugs are cute enough for her to use at her new office or at home. Every time she sips her hot coffee, memories are rewound. She’ll miss you a lot!

Self-care Gift Box

self-care box

If you’re looking for charming going away gifts for coworkers, look no further than this self-care gifts box! She is sure to appreciate this thoughtfully curated collection of all-natural personal care items.

It is always nerve-wracking to begin a new career. This self-care package will help her always be pampered and cared. Soap, candle, bath salt, and bath bomb are packaged together for her relaxation and rejuvenation. Choose between two calming scents your work bestie will enjoy! As far as parting gifts for female coworkers go, this goes to the top of the list!

Work Bestie Necklace

work bestie necklace

In search of a sentimental gift for leaving coworker? This interlocking circle necklace will always remind her of the wonderful friendship you enjoyed. The sweet message inside the box is all you need to result in a happy tear on her face.

Pick a finish in beaded, gold, silver, or rose gold to complement your coworker's personal taste. Stylish and meaningful, this piece of accessory will definitely earn itself a place of honor on her jewelry box.

Custom Canvas Print

personalized canvas

Do you want to give that special someone a gift that shows how much you care? Or would you like to save important memories caught in an old picture that maybe doesn't have the highest quality? This personalized canvas is the best choice for you then.

What could be better than gathering all the lovely experiences you had with her in perfect going away gifts for coworkers? Turn your precious bond into a beautiful canvas that you and her will treasure for a lifetime.

This custom gift for leaving coworker will make her always feel at home no matter where she hangs it. If it’s for her new office, brilliant! A personalized canvas will fill her space with warmth and affection any time of year. Don’t worry when you’re not around with her, she already has this sweet piece to stay with!

Homesick Scented Candles

homesick scented candles

When there is a wide range of funny going away gifts for coworkers that can be given so far, make a different choice this time. Homesick candles are not a bad idea. They will remind your coworker of their old house long after they've moved across the country. These candles are based on the geography of the United States and each candle represents a different state. Each state's unique aroma, like its distinctive topography, follows you everywhere you go.

The composition for these hand-poured, soy wax candles was developed with feedback from residents in each state to provide the most genuine scents. They are a panacea for homesickness, whether one misses the vast bouquet of Texas or the botanical majesty of California. Maybe the aroma may entice them to return to their previous position.

Iced Coffee Maker

iced coffee maker

This time, give the best going away gifts for coworkers that will actually be useful to them. With a great iced coffee maker, your gift can make it easier for them to get their favorite drink, especially which can cool hot coffee in 60 seconds flat. 

Being compact and durable, they can carry this device with them wherever they go, to the office or out in the park. Giving her this coffee maker and some personalized mugs labelled just for them, you'll make their day. Now they’ll remember two wonderful things after they leave: You and iced coffee!

Thoughtful Poster

personalized posters

A work of art that is both beautiful and meaningful. Put this "You will always be my person" poster up so everyone can see how strong the bond between you and your work bestie truly is. With an elegant design, these personalized posters can be used in any room and with any decor.

The ability to customize this poster makes it a brilliant choice among other funny going away gifts for coworkers. Especially, you can also send it for any other special occasion, such as a birthday, a housewarming party, or as personalized Christmas gifts. Anyone will receive this one-of-a-kind gift for leaving coworker will burst out into tears.

Marble Desk Organizer

marble desk organizer

Of all the exciting things about a new job, setting up your desk is tops on the list, and the chic organizers will give your bestie a head start. Each piece will give her enough space for everything, from pens to paperclips to her keys. Besides keeping her desk neat and tidy, this collection tends to add a classy decorative touch to her working place.

But more special, she will be encouraged every time she looks at these striking marbled pieces and remembers your sweetness. This is one of the best going away gifts for coworkers that she’s received so far.

Lunch Bag

lunch bag

It's simpler to go all out on a high-quality gift for your closest friend in a group gift, like a durable lunch bag. Thoughtful going away gifts for coworkers like this bag will go with her to her new working place. Sometimes, she may also use it for a picnic or a short trip with friends and family.

We recommend this lunch bag since it’s stylish and durable. It is available in a rainbow of colors and is composed of stain-resistant polyester. The exterior's water resistance means spills won't ruin it, and the insulation keeps contents nice and warm. Plus, the bag's expandable grid lets you make it even bigger for those super-heavy-load days.

The Sill Snake Plant


Plants are great going away gifts for coworkers who have a green thumb or who appreciate the outdoors. ‍They indicate development and flourishment, which may represent your wishes when your work bestie is leaving.

There are many various varieties of plants to suit any person; cacti for the water-wise, vines that can climb over a balcony, or an orchid for a classy touch. If your acquaintance is constantly on the go, they probably shouldn't have a plant that needs a lot of attention. Give them a snake plant, which only needs to be watered once every two weeks. They will remember you each time they spray it.


When your favorite coworkers leave, show your appreciation and let them know how much you'll miss them by sending the most thoughtful going aways gifts for coworkers. Our list above has practical, heartfelt, and one-of-a-kind farewell presents that will never go unnoticed. Start to understand your friends first and you’ll find it much easier to give them something they’ll never reject to use.

These fantastic going aways gifts for coworkers will leave an indelible mark on your coworkers regardless of how long you've worked with them. You may assure them of undying affection and remembrance, thanks to our gift guide. Though they won’t see you for a long time, your present is still a sweet reminder of how sentimental and sincere you are. Let memories stay and your friends will always be proud of you!

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