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In honor of the first year together, some couples may choose to splurge on a fancy dinner and show, and others may choose a more low-key option, such as a movie night or quiet night in. Hey, don’t forget to prepare the best one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend to show him how much you value the time you've spent together. It’s such a sweet way to express your feelings on the anniversary and look forward to the next ones to come.

If you know your man well enough, it's not hard to choose a great gift that he'll truly appreciate. Giving him a present that he can use on a regular basis will mean more to him than you know. What would be the perfect and meaningful one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend? Let it be a gift he remembers always, and let him use it to spell out "love" every day of his life.

Our comprehensive roundup of different one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend include something that he will appreciate, whether he is hopeless romantic, a tech-obsessed person, a boyfriend who loves pets or a green-thumb guy. You can choose from a variety of meaningful presents, including some personalized gifts for him or sentimental keepsakes to celebrate your one year of being lovebirds.

If you need further suggestions for other anniversaries or celebrations, we’ve also had lists of perfect personalized Valentine gifts for him or personalized gifts for couples. You’re sure to make each milestone joyous and memorable.

1. For A Romantic Boyfriend

Men also need romance in the relationship. That’s why you’ll never go wrong with cheesy, um... sweet and meaningful presents when you want to make him feel loved and special. This time, add a little romance to his life with our roundup of the most thoughtful and romantic one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend below. You’re bound to see a happy tear on his face!

Personalized Poster

personalized posters

It's wonderful and nostalgic to reach the one-year mark with your boyfriend. Here's a sweet way to commemorate your first anniversary by sharing your favorite memories from the past 12 months. Your guy will appreciate the thoughtfulness and originality of these personalized posters.

When it comes to romantic one year anniversary gifts for him, this item stands out from the list for being cute and sentimental. Save every milestone through the past year with beautiful images of you and him. This poster will add the most sentimental touch to his living place. Every time he looks at it, he’ll feel that you’re always around.

Spinny Heart Messenger


It's no surprise that this is one of the best one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend who adores romance. Send your guy a digital message that is way cuter than a text to show him you're thinking about him. This device shows off the love notes you've been sending through a user-friendly interface. When a new message is received, the box's heart spins.

Being lovely and compact, this little present can be carried with him wherever he goes. Put it on the nightstand and he’s able to feel your warmth and sweetness. The spinny heart messenger is considered one of the best long-distance one year anniversary gifts for him. It helps him less lonely while still thinking about you and loving you all the time.

2. For Coffee-Loving Boyfriend

Still wonder whats a good 1 year anniversary gift for a boyfriend? If your man is the one who can’t go to work without a cup of coffee, this ultimate list is for him. From high-end types of coffee to practical devices to sentimental cups, pick one thing that makes his coffee enjoying much more interesting.

Personalized Coffee Mug

heart messenger

There are numerous lovely ways to commemorate your remarkable milestone. If you're looking for a gift for boyfriend 1st year anniversary to use every day, personalized mugs are a great option. One of the best parts about this present is that you can customize it with pictures of the two of you doing whatever you like.

Every morning when he sips hot coffee in this cup, he’ll feel how warm and sweet you are. This adorable present is still a motivational piece that gives him the energy to work hard all day long. We’re sure that if he receives this charming present, he'll even brag about it in his next group chat!

Ovalware RJ3 Cold Brew Coffee Maker

iced coffee maker

What a wonderful gift for boyfriend 1st year anniversary! Gifting this "cheap, easy to use" device to your man is a smart choice if you know how much he loves cold brew. Glass and steel are more hygienic and more durable than plastic alternatives. Especially, it "doubles as a great iced tea maker”, making it one of the deal one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend who also enjoys tea (or who shares a home with a tea enthusiast).

3. For A Pet-Obsessed Boyfriend

Does he love cats and dogs? If so, that’s fantastic! Your research for one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend might come to an end with our suggestions below. Grab him personalized gifts for dog lovers or something cute that can make him smile all day.

"Best Cat Dad Ever" Personalized T-shirt

cat dad t-shirt

In search of cool one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend who doesn't like to talk much? These simple but chic personalized t-shirts announces his position to the world.

If you want to make your partner chuckle, give him this charming tee with the names of his beloved pets on it. It’s supposed to be a joke present, but in all honesty, this t-shirt is soft, makes a statement, and looks great with leggings; we predict it will quickly become a favorite.

"No Need To Knock" Personalized Door Mat

personalized door mats

Every cat owner will agree that a house isn't complete until a furry baby joins the family. These "No Need To Knock" personalized door mats are the top choice if you’re looking for humorous one year anniversary gifts for him. It serves as a friendly reminder to both humans and their four-legged family members to keep the mud outside.

Since this mat is super cute and practical, it’ll make your man still happy and proud after work. It wipes all of his tiredness and welcomes him home with the most sentimental gesture.

4. For A Techie Boyfriend

Men love technology devices. And if you want to surprise him with cutting-edge one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend, these options won’t let you down. He’ll treasure your practical and thoughtful gift for years to come. 

Apple Watch Series 7

apple watch

Want to really impress him this year with cutting-edge one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend? He will be blown away by this Apple Watch Series 7.

With its built-in music player, messaging capabilities, phone, and blood oxygen monitor, this device is the ideal accessory for your gentleman. The midnight aluminum sports band is a freebie that's guaranteed to land you a bonus. Being durable, striking, and appropriate for a wide variety of looks and events, this watch is sure to satisfy his interest.

Home Movie Projector

home movie projector

One year anniversary gifts for boyfriend that combines both practicality and romance is hard to go wrong with. However, this home movie projector can bring a happy smile to his face.

Especially, for the boyfriend who has everything, this device is a safe bet as an anniversary present. The projector with built-in speakers, precise color reproduction, and compatibility with a variety of systems (including streaming, cable, and gaming consoles) is all you need for a movie date night. It won't be long before he's bragging about it to his pals or his family. Now, give it to him and wait for an invitation to a happy and romantic night watching movies together.

5. For A Green-Finger Boyfriend

If you’ve noticed that your boyfriend has a green thumb, giving him a garden gift is a cute way to show how much you care and understand him. He’ll never reject cute plants growing in his house or any amazing items that nurture his interest and dream of a green living place.

Indoor Herb Garden

indoor herb garden

If your partner is just starting out as a plant parent, he'll appreciate this adorable (and pet-friendly) indoor herb garden as an anniversary present.

This is also the perfect gift for boyfriend 1st year anniversary when he doesn't have room for a garden at his place. Simply place the plant pods into the planter, fill the water reservoir, and turn on the self-watering planter. Guess what, he’ll have amazingly fresh herbs and an eye-grabbing piece of decoration.

Canvas Aprons for Gardening Tools

canvas apron for gardening tool

These thoughtful one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend will be much appreciated since they work wonderfully in the yard or garden. There are numerous spacious pockets for storing gardening equipment, as well as a phone pocket. He now can do his gardening without getting his hands or clothes dirty.

When you’re sweet enough to care about his interest and leisure activities. He’ll treasure your kindness and your thoughtful gift even more. That makes the best one year anniversary gift for him that will never go unnoticed.

6. Essential Gifts That Any Man Will Love

What if your guy is not of any type above? Don’t worry, we still have cool one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend to let him celebrate the occasion with you. They are essential and fashionable items that he’ll actually use and love.

Leather Wallet

leather wallet

Best one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend that never go outdated? A brand-new leather wallet. Many guys would be thrilled to receive a sturdy and well-made wallet. This one holds plenty of cards in its eight compartments. Furthermore, genuine leather maintains its attractive appearance over time.

It’s said that a wallet is one of the most sentimental presents for a man. Since he rarely changes it for a new one (unless it has worn out too much), you’re sure that your gift will be with him for several years. This daily-used item is a sweet reminder of you wherever he goes. So don’t worry that he’ll forget about you when both of you live far apart.

Weekender Bag

weekender bag

You’ll never go wrong with a weekender bag if you want ti surprise him with practical one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend. Since every man needs a bag for his short journey or travel for work. Gifting him one is how you show him that you’re a thoughtful girlfriend.

This high-quality leather bag with a trendy buckle and two handles will have your partner prepared for your next romantic weekend excursion. It comes in different colors, has an adjustable strap, and a cotton lining. This one-of-a-kind bag is handcrafted and fits inside the luggage limits of most airlines.


You and your partner are about to reach a momentous milestone in your relationship. Here is your chance to tell him how much he means to you. Whether you're into DIY gifts, or some meaningful, unique personalized gifts you can buy online, give your Mr Right something that shows him how much you love and let him know that you’re ready for the next years together.

It might be challenging to find the perfect one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend. Even if you've spent the past year getting to know your boyfriend's tastes rather well, you may still be at a loss as to what to get him this celebration. However, we’re sure this list of suitable one year anniversary gifts for him will make your man proud and happy. Simply choose one and you’re bound to make the day that he'll never forget.

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